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Wonderful Carnival

Wonderful carnival

By Maryanne

I got the opportunity to attend, integrate into and serve the community by volunteering at the Copenhagen carnival.

This is an annual cultural festival which includes the latin, South American, Africa, Caribbean European music, dance, parades, other contemporary genres, rhythms and other carnival traditions. It also includes a children’s carnival, an electronic carnival, different stages with different music genres. This has given people an option of music and also there is lots for families to participate in and enjoy.

In the children’s carnival children get a taste of their own spice, parades, music, activities like helium balloons, face painting, a bouncy castle and roller coasters. The electronic carnival is mostly music being played by Djs, dancing, drinking and partying.

There is much drinks to buy from alcohol and non alcoholic. The toilets are clean and available for free.

How it started
The carnival started back in 1982 in which the theme was  ”The street is the stage, and you are the entertainer”. It has been going on for the last 30 years. This year it was actually in  Fælledparken. It invites people to take part as an audience, as a  volunteer, as a sponsor, or as a stall keeper.

As a volunteer, I met new people, worked with different bosses and colleagues from different countries. One can volunteer as a gate guard, cleaner, tickets seller, technician in security and backstage security and much more.
You can always check their website: www.copenhagencarnival.com
and click on “become a volunteer/sponsor” to fill in the your details and where you wish to volunteer/sponsor in the next carnival festival.

Mega energetic
In general, the event is fantastic and mega energetic. The music equipment is powerful enough to quench your music thirst, the food is yummy varying with different delicacies from Thailand, the Caribbean, Africa, India and more. The smell  mmmmh!! was delicious. The atmosphere depends on where you are: the reggae, the electronic  the samba or children’s area. For me the hip hop/dance was the best.


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