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Nour Amora is a Syrian musician living Denmark.

“We Can Do Something” -Interview with a Syrian musician

By Marion Chen

The refugees coming to Europe have a lot to offer the societies, the Syrian musician Nour Amora argues

The last event of Artival, a festival focusing on foreign artists living in Denmark, was a Syrian concert at Café Mandela on the Ist of October in Copenhagen. Nour Amora, a Syrian musician, played some fantastic pieces of music with Simon Ask Ladekarl, Bo Riemer, Mohamed Diab, Klaus Mogensen and Hani Alkhouri.

From refuge of war to popular musician
One year and six months ago Nour Amora came to Denmark because of the war in Syria. He was invited to present his music at concerts in Copenhagen and became a popular Arabic musician after he came to Denmark. He was also active in many of the concerts set for asylum seekers and refugees. His band was one of the four invited to the rock concert by Red Cross on 16th December 2015 at Gimle in Roskilde.

Maybe some of the Danish people think Arabians come to eat and to take money from the Danish society. I don’t . I have two jobs: Nour Amora

Nour Amora is happy to live in Denmark. He now has two jobs and his music is widely liked by both Danish – and Arabic people in Denmark. He participated in many of the events for the refugees because he likes to play music for refugees.

There is a lot of differences between Danish people and Arabic people. So I am very happy to play my music to both”, Nour Amora says. His music is a mix of many things. “The best of my music is feeling, I affect people with the music they like“, he says.

With music to offer
The message Nour  Amora wants to deliver with his music is, that he wants to show people in European countries, including the Danes, that people coming to Europe have many things to offer.
Like I am a musician I play a lot of music, Danish music in Arabic tune, and Arabic music in Danish tune, and people like it”, he explains.

Nour thinks that refugees can do something when they come. Although there is a minority of the refugees who doesn’t want to work, the majority of the refugees have the skills and will to do so:
Maybe some of the Danish people think that Arabians come to eat and to take money from Danish society. I don’t . I have two jobs. Most of the refugees they are really kind. They have a lot of skills and can make Danish people kind as well“, he says.

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