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The hopes of an Afghan mother

By Danial 

»I came to Denmark 10 months ago with my husband and my disabled child after leaving our home country Afghanistan. We had to leave because of an occupation of our city by the Taliban. So many bombs and killings.

In Denmark, we receive medical care, and our daughter, Kosar, gets all the necessary attention. She suffers from a spastic paralysis named cerebral palsy. Back in Afghanistan there was absolutely no support, and we didn’t receive any medical care for our daughter. I love my child, and I would give my life in the effort of making her everyday normal and her life happy. I would do everything for her.

I hope and pray we can stay. In Denmark, we can build a future together as a family with hopes and dreams. There is no future for us in Afghanistan.«


Kosar and her family are asylum seekers. They live with a risk of deportation in case their case is rejected. Deportation has not been easy before, but this has recently changed because of a special deportation agreement between the EU and Afghanistan

EU agreement of deportation of Afghan asylum seekers:

  • The EU has signed an agreement with the Afghan government named Joint Way Forward. The agreement allow EU-member states to deport an unlimited number of Afghan asylum seekers
  • Because of the agreement, the Afghan government must receive the rejected asylum seekers from the EU-member states
  • The agreement also opens up the deportation of women and children
  • In 2015 alone, 213.000 Afghans reached the European borders. 176.900 claimed asylum

Sources: New York Times & The Guardian


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