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Iman works as a professional tailor

“I actually started with this work back home in Syria when I was 16 years old. It began when I heard, that there was a course where you could learn how to sew. There were a lot of girls participating in that course. And, because I am socially by nature …

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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Ali

By: Paiwand »When we first came to Denmark, we felt so foreign and alone. I couldn’t speak English or Danish, but that was until we met some nice, Danish people. They became our good friends and helped us improve our language. Also, we didn’t feel lonely anymore, and this made …

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Mohamed learns Danish by volunteering in cafe

Mohamed Adam has found his own ways of learning Danish language and culture fast and effectively By: Hala Mohamed Adam is a refugee working hard to integrate in the Danish society. We met him volunteering in a cafe in Sorø. He is 36 years old, he came from Syria, and he …

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Successful refugee Sabah sells evening dresses

Asylum in Denmark is not something new. Denmark has always received asylum seekers, but the number has been increasing. A lot of the refugees are now integrated in the Danish community and have become a part of it. Sabah Sabri Isa from Iraq is an example of a successful former …

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Welcome Festival builds up network for refugees in Denmark

With music, a warm welcome speech and big wooden letters saying “WELCOME FESTIVAL 2016”, Europe’s largest welcome party for refugees was launched in Copenhagen the 10th of September. The expectation is to create new job opportunities for asylum seekers in Denmark By Marion Chen Stands created by different NGO’s were …

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