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How to get the best out of your waiting time

Waiting time as an asylum seeker can be quite stressful, but I am giving you the recipe for how to “survive” this difficult time in a less excruciating way. In this guide you can find several things to do, to make your waiting time easier. Story and pictures by Mila …

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»Refugees never leave home because they like to«

Many Danes have no contact with refugees. According to a volunteer, this can create misunderstandings and mistrust in society towards asylum seekers in Denmark By: Hamid Mukhtari Many Danes volunteer to help refugees and asylum seekers. One of them is Marianne Kampmann from Virum, who works as a volunteer in Lyngby …

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By: Paiwand I came to Denmark in the beginning of 2016. I was just a 23-year old girl, and I had never been away from my family before. Now, I was going to live alone for the first time, and I didn’t even know for how long. I came from …

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Melanie portrays refugees in an exhibition

Many people showed up at the exhibition at Roskilde libary and read about the stories of the refugees.

Melanie Kristina is one of the Danish volunteers who has tried to change the situation for the refugees in Denmark. Together with a group of volunteers, she has made an exhibition at Roskilde Library about refugees By Sarah The meaning of the exhibition is to show everyone why the refugees …

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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Zakaria & Kamiran

Two asylum seekers who have no other relationship between them are brought together by their humanitarian instinct. They don’t even speak the same language, but they are helping each other out in the asylum center. By: Hala The 17-year-old asylum seeker Zakaria El-Hamdan from Syria got an injury when he was …

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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Ali

By: Paiwand »When we first came to Denmark, we felt so foreign and alone. I couldn’t speak English or Danish, but that was until we met some nice, Danish people. They became our good friends and helped us improve our language. Also, we didn’t feel lonely anymore, and this made …

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The good and easy way to help is through friendship

Helping through friendship is something that volunteer Therese Romijn believes in. She is volunteering for Venligboerne in Allerød and has dedicated her time to help and welcome newcomers into the Danish community. By Eden Kindness, curiosity and respect are some of the most important values in Venligboerne. Therese Romijn, that …

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