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Sabah Moradi: “Asylum life has taught me to take care of myself”

“I learned how to take care of myself. Now I can cook, use the dishwasher, do the laundry and do many other things that my mom was doing for me in my homeland,” Sabah Moradi from Iraq says. By: Hala It is Sunday afternoon in the asylum center. It is …

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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Ali

By: Paiwand »When we first came to Denmark, we felt so foreign and alone. I couldn’t speak English or Danish, but that was until we met some nice, Danish people. They became our good friends and helped us improve our language. Also, we didn’t feel lonely anymore, and this made …

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Rejected: What’s next?

“I belong to nowhere. I hate the day I was born” Bahr Jasim Mahmoud and Khalil have lost hope and the meaning of life. They are living in the same situation: They don’t know what will happen to them or how the rest of their life will be. The asylum …

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Grandparents For Asylum at the Folkemøde in Allinge

New Times went to the Folkemøde in Allinge to interview members of Grandparents for Asylum. They will continue to help asylum seekers and refugees – Even though the Government does not share their viewpoints  By Eden »We’re against the centers for rejected asylum seekers. Families and children shouldn’t have to be …

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