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Syrian Artist Inspires People To Help Syrians

Syrian artist has his pictures on display in Copenhagen. He hopes his art can help his people in Syria

By Marion Chen
Saif Aldeen Tahhan, 26 years old, is a Syrian artist, who escaped from the war and came to Denmark in September, 2014. Saif is now working as an artist at the exhibition Artival and is presenting his pictures at Vanløse Kulturstation.

Saif participated the Artival Exhibition serials organised by Immigrant Art, which is a Danish NGO formed by various artists, activists and professors focusing on art, creativity and freedom of expressions.

“It is a good opportunity to introduce myself to Danish people through this small organisation,” Saif says.  

Saif has a university degree in electrical engineering, but he decided to be a graphic designer after his graduation. He successfully got a diploma of graphic design, and became a web designer and graphic designer in 2011. Saif now has a home in Aalborg.

Saif wants to deliver the message behind his art pieces. “I just want to highlight the Syrians’ life in the conflict and Syrians’ suffering because of the war. I want to inspire people to help the Syrians,” Saif says.

Another of Saif Tahhan's disturbing works
Another of Saif Tahhan’s disturbing works

Saif  wants to send a message through his art and the special characteristics of his pieces. “As a Syrian artist, it’s my duty to show people as much as I can – How my people in Syria suffered from the war, what their life used to be like and what they miss living in a war zone,” Saif says. ”I want my message to come out through art because it is easier to understand by art. It’s an international language.”

Watch the art
Saif Tahhan’s art are on display at Vanløse Library for the next month every day 8am-10pm.

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