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At the picture: Majed Diab in front of Avnstrup Asylum Center.

Stories from Avnstrup Asylum Center

Majed Diab and Fadi Furat both live in Avnstrup Asylum Center. In the following they give a short glimpse of their nowaday situation

By Bahr
I am Majed Diab. I have been two years and three months in Denmark, with my wife and two kids. I come from Palestine originally and grew up in Libya. I got rejected from the immigration service and the refugee court and they told me that they would send me back to Libya. The Danish authorities have contacted the Libyan authorities to process our case to send us back, but according to the Danish authorities, the Libyan authorities announced that we could risk our lives if they did send us back.

Why not let me do the internship?
Both my wife and I have a university degree in Computer Engineering. I have found an internship in Copenhagen in a shop repairing phones as it is part of my education in technology in general. I asked the job center and the asylum center to give me permission to start, but the asylum center has refused my request. They said: “You’re in phase three and are not allowed to get an internship”. Even though I am in phase three they still asked me to go to another place for an internship, but what is the point in that? 
I think it is a very good solution to let me do the internship. Then I would learn something new and gain experience and at the same time getting to meet and know more people and increase my network in the Danish labor market. When I get my permit to stay then I would have my job and know where to work.  


Fadi Furat is 28 years old and has a bachelor degree in law

Fadi Furat wants a life in peace and a master degree in law
Sectarian issues are the reason why I am here in Denmark. With all the conflict in Iraq and the sectarian issues going on in Baghdad you can’t express what you feel or mention the wrong name. If you don’t keep silent you will have the same result in the end: you will get threatened to leave or you will get shut.
The reason why I am in Denmark is that my wife she lives here. She is a Danish citizen with Iraqi background. I wanted to live in peace and quietness far away from the risks which could affect my wife as well. I miss my hometown and I have these nice memories whenever I pass through an Iraqi restaurant and smell the delicious food. I have a lot of dreams which I wish to become true. One of them is that I can get a master in law here in Denmark.


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