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Smiles among the members of Sister Cousine

Some activities are only for women in the Trampoline House

Every Saturday a group of women holds a meeting in the Trampline House. Among the women are asylum seekers from other nationalities and Danish women.

By: Eden

Some women are not free to share their stories with men, but in the Women’s Club all women are free to speak.

In Women’s Club the women share stories and do sports as yoga, zumba, and others. The women’s Club also have different activities for children, and they cook dinner and eat together.

At women’s day women are talking about their situations in the camp and life about women’s problem generally. The Women’s Club also provide medical counseling and legal counseling.

The Sister Cuisine
The Sister Cuisine is a catering service established by women from The Trampoline House. Asylum seekers do not have a lot of money. The Sisters Cuisine catering service aim to help women by giving gift cards instead of paying cash. So The Sister Cuisine cook food for private parties and social events, and the food is healthy food from all over the world.

Feeling at home
The women in the projects are happy for the existence of the Trampoline House. New Times spoke with some of them:
Nice from Thailand: “Trampoline House means for me home, family, trust, love, support, understanding different culture, and meeting friends. Also in The Trampoline House everyone is equal. My daughter is more free in The Trampoline House than in the school and in the camp because in The Trampoline House she finds her very best friends. I learn about social life, how we help each other in the best way, and I get advices about how to integrate within danish society. So the house is really helpful.”

Zohra and Sekina from Afghanistan: “The Trampoline House is a real house. It has freedom, peace and happiness. When we are here we do not stress, we laugh and talk with our many friends. The camp is so boring, so we love to come here and help supporting activities.”

Eden from Eritrea: “The Trampoline House is like my families house. In more than three years I used the house. I was always welcomed by smiles and people willing listening to my problems, and also I got advice, help and support. I am so happy about The Trampoline House. Many asylum seekers get help in that house, so thanks for The Trampoline House.”

Facts about Trampoline House
The Trampoline House is open four days a week. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in free language classes, sport clubs, legal counsel service, child care, cooking, coffee and tea, and more extra services. The Trampoline House gets its financial support from public and private fundings, donations, and memberships. The Trampoline House is funded by the Immigration Service, Roskilde Festival, Charity Society, and others.

Address: Thoravej 7, 2400 Copenhagen NV
Web: www.trampolinehouse.dk

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