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Smiling children in asylum center

Danish people always want to donate money for asylum children for summer trip and other activities. It is to make the children happy and smiling. The camp life is not easy on the waiting time, children need to be in a place with happiness



By: Eden

Two month ago I had a plan to interview the summer trip and activities organizer Nanja Van Wensen. She has been working in the Sandholm Youth Club for a long time. In July school is closed. I was  interested in knowing how asylum children spend the summer holiday. As Nanja explains: “this year we have 55 children at the age from 6-17-years-old. The majority of the children are from Syria. Five people from Red Cross are working in the youth club. In summer time the youth club is open from 10-12 a o’clock and afternoon from 13 o’clock until 16.30 everyday. We have  different activities in the youth club such as  internet, games, drowning, etc. Outside the camp there are trips to Lalandia for three days, Tivoli, cinema, summer camp for five days, and for three days boys summer camp, and girls summer camp, cirkus, forest, and calter house (free land). We got the money for the  summer holiday for Lalandia from Glad Sommer, for the cinema from Horsholm Unicef. The rest of the money from Red Cross budget. All kids are doing well every day doing summer activities, and they are very happy about all summer trips. We are always looking to have happy kids in all asylum centres. In the summertime we always do our best for the children. Camp life is hard but our job is to do our best to make every kid happy.”


Activity organizer Nanja Van Wensen

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