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Sing and dance in Copenhagen

A music workshop is starting up at the Red Cross School in Copenhagen. The workshop is welcoming all the school’s asylum seekers with an interest in music.
“You don’t have to be a good singer to join the workshop. You just need the interest in being together with other people and having fun”, Cæcilie Keller, the facilitator of the workshop explains.
The music will be of Danish, English and – quite often – South African origin. Cæcilie Keller has a big interest in South African music and will share that interest with the participants of the workshop.

South Africa
Cæcilie Keller is singing in the Danish choir, Baobab Singers, that sings South African songs and one of the biggest moments in her life was when she was invited to sing with the group at the famous Desmond Tuto’s 80th birthday in South Africa.

Cecilie Keller (left of Desmond Tuto) together with her choir at the celebration of the bishop’s 80th birthday in South Africa. (Photo: Private).

“I love to teach South African songs, because they are very melodic and have easily recognizable patterns. But I also hope that new participants will introduce me and the rest of the group to songs from other cultures during the workshop. I have already learned songs from Afghanistan and Russia, so I look forward to learn more”, she says.

Wednesdays 10.30-11.30 and 12.30-15.00 (first Wednesday is 27th February)

Red Cross School near Forum, Copenhagen. Rosenørns Alle 31. 3rd floor. Follow the signs.

Everyone with an interest in music. No other qualifications needed.



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