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The danes and the asylum seekers dance together when the band is playing arabic and kurdish music. Photo: Hala

Open House in Dianalund was a big success

Many visitors came to the Open House at the Asylcenter Dianalund. New Times talked to both the danes, the asylum seekers and the staff members from the center. Everyone thought the event was a success and they all enjoyed the food and music together.

By: Hala

The staff from the Asylcenter Dianalund gave visitors a guided in tour of the center. The visitors got to meet staff from both the children’s school and from the adult’s school and clinic. The staff talked about what it means for them to work with asylum seekers and everyone got to taste the delicious food prepared by the asylum seekers.


The danes:

Serena D. Lam – 21 years old. Photo: Hala

“I think it’s a good experience for me to come here. It allows me to come and see how the asylum seekers live in the asylum center and it’s a good way to make a real contact between both sides”.

The asylum seekers

Saber Rostami – 25 years old. Kurdish, from Iran. Photo: Hala

“It’s a beautiful experience for me. I enjoyed dancing and eating with the Danes, and I think it’s a good idea to do the open house to allow the Danes to identify with our food and habits. I hope that they work to repeat it again”.

The Red Cross staff members:

Red Cross staff member: Borhan Aubi – 59 years old. Photo: Hala

“I have had a nice experience here by both being in the music band and by sharing good times with the asylum seekers,” says Borhan.

He continues: “Someone told me, ‘if it’s possible – please make the open house every week!’ So I think events like this provide asylum seekers with energy because they need to get one or two hours of fun where they are not thinking about their future,” he says.

Dancing and eating together

Zahraa and Zainab from Kuwait having fun in the party. Photo: Hala


One of the visitors testing the food. Photo: Hala


Big dance starting. Photo: Hala


The girls look happy when they see that their teacher is visiting. Photo: Hala


A salad made by the asylum seekers to look like Denmark’s flag. Photo: Hala


A salad made by the asylum seekers to look like Kurdistan’s flag. Photo: Hala


The food served in the open house is made by the asylum seekers. Photo: Hala


A very small child also came to visit the center. Photo: Hala


Open House in Dianalund Asylum Center

The open house was at the 9 of September 2016. There are about 314 asylum seekers in Dianalund Asylum Center.

Address: Dr. Sellevej 35B 4293 Dianalund




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