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Open day in Kongelunden

By Makmoud


The guests who came for the open day were divided in three groups each headed by staff member and taken to a tour through the center. They visited  the reception, the fitness room, a second hand shop, the cafe and music room, the kindergarten, the nursery, the clinic service center, and volunteers helping the asylum seekers and living rooms for asylum seekers.

The couple to be interviewed by New Times sat outside in the sun, near children playing grounds. The weather was good and the atmosphere in the center was happy and energetic.     

The wife, a retired teacher and retired shop owner, lives in Dragør where I asked the following questions. This is the answers that i got.


1: What have you experienced here?

  I experienced many things, people are trying to live in this place, and the volunteers are trying very hard to help them learn Danish.

2: Do you think it is a good idea to have open day in asylum centers?

  Yes it is good idea, because you see news on TV and you don’t know the right from wrong and here you can feel it.

3: Did you learn something from this day?

   Yes I learned, volunteers are good and important to have here to help asylum seekers.


The husband, a retired commercial pilot, also lives in Dragør and he was asked the same questions.

1: What have you experienced here?        

   My experience is sad, you have so many people who have different situations and they need different kinds of help, and in general people don’t see the problem.

2: Do you think it is a good idea to have open day in asylum centers?

  Yes, it is a good idea, you have to see it yourself.

3: Did you learn something from this day?

  Yes, I learned a lot, if you put many people from different cultures and different circumstances, they get along very well and it is working. It must be tourable to live here in small rooms.


The people who participated in the guided tour around the asylum center were very interested and they also got to see volunteers helping asylum seekers with many tasks.

The people who I interviewed enjoyed what they saw in Kongelunden that day and they were impressed by the asylum seekers and the volunteers.


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