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Multicultural Dinner Party

A Multicultural Dinner Party organised by the Copenhagen Volunteers was attended overwhelmingly

On the eve of 28th of November a Multicultural Dinner Party was held  by Copenhagen Volunteers in Copenhagen. The event was rightly given the tiltle, “ Taste the World”.

Pakistani Dish
Being a member of Copenhagen Volunteers, I also cooked a dish, which in Pakistani language is known as “Chicken Qurama.” Ingredients of this dish were, chicken, oil, onion, black-pepper and some herbs and with it, prepared a sauce of yogurt, dry-mint and little salt. When I was cooking it, there was aromatic flavour all around and it was increasing my appetite and gave me confidence that my dish would be appreciated.Two smiling participants

Taste the World
I reached Nyropsgade on time and at the entrance was welcomed by one of the organizers of the event, Stine. I entered into a big well decorated hall and there were already  so many people there from all continents, America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. In such an orderly and beautiful manners on different tables, different dishes from different countries with their flags were displayed.  Mostly on one table, 3 or 4 countries’ dishes with tags of the ingredients  used, were placed. My table was shared with Bangladesh, Indian, Iranian and Malaysian dishes and those had such an exotic look.

Wonderful Experience
Soon it was announced by the organizers to start eating  and participants rushed to different tables to taste different kinds of dishes. I was so happy to see when many participants were liking and admiring our dishes.  I also tasted different dishes which were equally great in look and taste.



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