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Four small stories with different asylum seekers

Life in and between Asylum Centers

Many asylum seekers move many times between asylum centres. Here Center Sandholm. Picture: Røde Kors

By: Zeinab Uzbak

First of all, I am happy to live in this country where people are free and have a democracy. I want to write and explain more about asylum seekers yes about asylum seeker the same bird was in a cage with metal bars of injustice, war and insecurity, death, corruption, rape. The bird asylum seeker is trying break the metals bars, finally our bird is free but with broken wings and bloody but can fly. Flying of the sea and dry desert, find a green tree have many branches for sit our weary and aghast bird asylum seeker, refugee is looking for peace and prosperity but is here now and need to help for fly again so give it to our bird, freedom, security.
I’m talking about asylum seekers, (families, young women, single men). In the pocket money day we saw our name in the moving list again.

I saw the man (Altaher). He was thinking about his children because of moving. I asked him for an interview and he accepted and started to explain: “I’m Altaher, I’m 51 years old and I’m from Libya. I have four children and I live with them. My wife died in Libya. I have lived here for around six months and they have moved me three times. First the Center Helsingor and then Bronderslev in a apartment and Bronderslev asylum center and I must move to Vraa again.”
He continues: “My son goes to school here in Bronderslev and also to the football and my small daughter goes to kindergarden. I don’t know what will happen if we move to vraa because my children like it here and I think it’s not safe and healthy for my children to move to a new place and also I don’t have family rooms because two of my child live in room number 11 and I live with my other child in the room number 1. For eating food, sitting together and controlling them we have problem. I must be thankful of the office personals because they always try to help my family. I’m an Agricultural Engineer of course I want to continue my work, first of all I must learn Danish and I like to contact with Danish people, I like them.”

2- Ahmad
I saw another man who would like to talk. Ahmad is a single man from Sudan. He is 32 years. He lives in Danmark for six months and he has moved five times, and he should move again. He moved from Helsingor center to Sonderborg and to Brondrslev center to vraa (Gunderuplund)  and then to Bronderslev again, and he should move to vraa before September. He is sharing one room with three other persons from different countries with different nationality, language, food and culture. He doesn’t like the smell of some foods. He says: “he has problem for cleaning the room because some of them are not cleaning and the people don’t understanding each other because they do not know the language (English or danish). When I asked him about what he thinks about his future he said: for black people there isn’t any future because we are black.”
He continues: “Why the Danish government just answer the Syrian and the Eritrean people, this people are staying in a asylum center for short time, give answer but nobody is looking at other nationalities case.”

3- Gobriella
Also I spoke with a lovely Armenian girl. Her name is Gobriella, she is 35 years old, for 10 months living in Danmark and changing 4 asylum centers: Sandholm, Helsingor after she moved to Hjoring (just for five days), Broderslev in an apartment (one week). Finally she moved to Bronderslev center and also she saw her name in a moving list to Vraa center. She is speaking about Hjoring center when she was there, her small room shared with another woman with one bunk bed and for using the kitchen and bathroom, they must go to out of place about 2oo meters. For Gobriella it was hard and impossible because she has a artifical leg and she had to take a chair for the shower in bathroom that 200 meters and she spoke with office about her legs problem for moving her many times. Finally she succeeded. She spoke about living in an apartment, she had a neighbor from Syria that her neighbor is not healthly and always after midnight starts to cry and screaming maybe she is mental crazy, but Gobriella doesn’t really know what happen for her neighbor and now she is living in Bronderslev center and doesn’t have any idea about future.

End of the list I spoke with Parisa. She is 15 years old and she lives with her family from Afghanistan. She came to Denmark more than 4 years ago and she moved from different asylum center for example: Sandholm, Auderod, Brovst(rodhus-tranum-brovst1-brovst2-) Bronderslev (apartment 1-apartment 2 -Bronderslev center and will be moving again to Vraa. Also she remembered that when she moved the place also she last her friends and her teacher and also again she must lose her lovely friends for that she is unhappy about the future just said: “I hope my lovely family and I are living with security and health and also of course I want to continue my education.”

Everybody knows: this small green tree (Denmark) having lovely birds (asylum seekers, refugees), please don’t forget your birds.

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