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Learn language with a slice of cake

The language cafe in Auderød center is a great place to receive assistance for asylum seekers who are not proficient in English or Danish

By Tawfiq

There are four different teachers in the language cafe in Auderød center to help asylum seekers learn English and Danish and help them work with computers. What is more, they serve a cup of tea or a coffee with a slice of cake or cookies with a smile.

Good for learning languages
Good for learning languages

Voluntary teacher
I met one of the teachers, Dorrit Krogh, who works every Tuesday in the language cafe in Auderød. She has a lot of experience in teaching and she is proud to be a voluntary teacher at Auderød center.

“I have been teaching for many years and I am happy to be able to help out here in the center”, says Dorrit Krogh

The language cafe has good educational materials including both software (audio mp3 files) and physical material (books and papers). They also have programs installed on their computers and sometimes with online guidance as well.

Body language
Unfortunately the language cafe is struggling with their computers. They are not always working. and some of the asylum seekers are not familiar with English nor Danish, and if there is no  translator around, they have to use body language.

“Using body language can be a big challenge, but it often carries the point well”, Dorrit Krogh laughs.


[message_box title=”Fact box” color=”green”]The language cafe in centre Auderød is scheduled four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3pm to 5pm. [/message_box]


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