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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Hassan

By: Paiwand

»My name is Hassan, and I’m 22 years old. I live in Denmark with my mom and my brother. My life has been difficult since my childhood. We are from Iraq, but Saddam Husseins government exiled us to Iran. Besides being removed against our will, the Iranian government and its supporters refused to accept us as citizens. All they told us was “You are not Iranian. You have to go back to Iraq”. They looked at us like we were the enemy. I couldn’t stand people’s behaviour in Iran. I was so scared all the time. We could not go to school and no one wanted to be our friend.«

»Our lifes changed from the moment we arrived in Denmark. We are very happy, and we feel safe for the first time. We can continue our lives, and we can be friends with whoever we want to. We couldn’t improve our life in Iran. When I got here, I only spoke Farsi and Arabic, but now I can speak English and Danish too. I have also been given an opportunity to work in a supermarket to gain working experience. I’m very thankful to Denmark for making my life so much better.«

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