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Without land

New Times has met Bahar who is a famous Kurdish poet. Writing poems helps her to receive peace in her heart and flee from the tough situation and nightmare which you live in at all times as an asylum seeker By: Danial “I’m standing in the middle of the globe, …

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Students help refugees getting into higher education

Everybody should have access to education. This is the underlying idea and motivation of the young students that have initiated the newly started project “Student Refugees”. The purpose is to assist refugees in gaining access to and navigating within the Danish education system. By: Jessica Marchet Due to constant changing …

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Our new magazine – produced by asylum seekers in Denmark – is out

Dear Reader In this magazine we put spotlight on a vulnerable group among the asylum seekers; the children alone. An increasing share of the asylum seekers are lonely children. These lonely children take dangerous routes relying on their instincts, stamina and luck to manage to arrive to a safe haven …

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