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The good and easy way to help is through friendship

Helping through friendship is something that volunteer Therese Romijn believes in. She is volunteering for Venligboerne in Allerød and has dedicated her time to help and welcome newcomers into the Danish community. By Eden Kindness, curiosity and respect are some of the most important values in Venligboerne. Therese Romijn, that …

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Mohamed learns Danish by volunteering in cafe

Mohamed Adam has found his own ways of learning Danish language and culture fast and effectively By: Hala Mohamed Adam is a refugee working hard to integrate in the Danish society. We met him volunteering in a cafe in Sorø. He is 36 years old, he came from Syria, and he …

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Video: New Times journalists on the American election

The outcome of the American presidential election has been a big topic of discussion in the New Times editorial room as well as all over the world. In this video, two of our journalists share their opinion on Trump becoming the new president.

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