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“Here I can celebrate Easter in the church”

By Danial

“I came to Denmark 10 months ago and I was far away from my family. I felt alone in a strange country. But then I found a Christian community in the middle of my tough situation. I still don’t have my family with me, but this community gives me support and hope.
I was so happy because I celebrated Easter in the church this year which is forbidden for us in my country Iran.
For me being in a community of believers is extremely encouraging. When I see fellow believers humble themselves by respect or going to receive the communion or giving each other the sign of peace, I feel immense joy and peace. And experiencing this on a regular basis, which I couldn’t do before, feels good to me.
I think Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Christianity because I believe that my God rose from the death. At Easter, we also can see guilt become peace, regret become relief and despair become hope. However, at Easter, we celebrate the most wonderful gift – not just that God sent Jesus, but that in dying, he gave us eternal life.”