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Grandparents For Asylum at the Folkemøde in Allinge

New Times went to the Folkemøde in Allinge to interview members of Grandparents for Asylum. They will continue to help asylum seekers and refugees – Even though the Government does not share their viewpoints 

By Eden

»We’re against the centers for rejected asylum seekers. Families and children shouldn’t have to be moved around. The rejected refugees must have amnesty. It feels like the Danish government treats asylum seekers like criminals with no rights – Just like the USA treats criminals at Guantanamo!«

This is the voice of a member of the asylum-friendly group, Grandparents For Asylum, at the Folkemøde on Bornholm.

»Returning centers is not a good idea at all since most refugees don’t return to their home countries or have a certain date where they’ll have to return to their countries. Some can’t even return to their home countries. Rejected asylum seekers will be affected by bad conditions of returning centers.«

A helping hand to those in need
The elderly man’s name is John. He’s a  grandparent and a member of the friendly-minded group, Grandparents For Asylum, in Denmark. The group helps the asylum seeking families – Just as they would help their own grandchildren if they needed help. The grandparents visit and talk with the children, and every second week they demonstrate in front of the asylum center Sandholm. The Grandparents For Asylum is unsatisfied about the Danish asylum system, and questions why the asylum seekers stay for such a long time in the centers without answers about their future. The Grandparents helping hand gives a voice to the children, women and men in a complicated system, and helps raise awareness about their situation.

Why are you attending the Folkemøde?
»We have been in Allinge the past four years to present our ideas and our movement. We have contributed to raise awareness about the conditions for asylum seekers in Denmark. We share  informations about the situation of asylum seekers. We have often been standing in front of the asylum center Sandholm to protest against the rights of asylum, families and children. Especially so they can move out of the center and get a home outside Sandholm.«

What is your message to the government about children, who is moved to Sjælsmark Asylum Center?
»I’ve heard that the children will be moved soon, but i don’t know that much for sure. Retraining centers is a bad idea, because most rejected asylum seekers can’t go back. They don’t have a certain time, where they have to leave Denmark or they can’t return to their home country. Instead, they will affected by bad condition of return center.«

»We are demonstrating to stop the constant moving and bad treatment of asylum seekers. We are doing our best to improve the life of asylum seekers and refugees. We know that the Danish government don’t want anymore refugees entering the Danish borders

We fight for the vulnerable
»The government don’t like us since we are protesting against their new laws and the system. We’re doing our best to make a better world and create better circumstances for Danish asylum seekers. We don’t have the power to make a change in the politics of the government, but our voice will always fight for right of asylum seekers and refugees.«


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