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“Don’t close my home”- Center Roskilde is closing in November

Center Roskilde will close in the beginning of November. I will never forget this center because it is my home in Denmark. We have a quiet life here with an amazing staff that help us with our everyday life and our integration.

By Danial

Center Roskilde where I live is situated in beautiful surroundings close to Boserup forest in the west of Roskilde, but unfortunately my home will close soon. In the center you can meet groups of families, women and men who are busy with work experience and daily chores but that will come to an end i November.

Special closeness is closing soon
Our center is managed and administered by a wonderful staff who help us to create activities for adults and entertainment for kids. They help us towards a forward-looking attitude and a meaningful life in the future. The news of the closing has been a very bitter shock for loyal volunteers who have maintained a good environment for us over many months. They feel proud of the support they offered to the residents and the lively atmosphere at the center. All the residents will miss the special closeness that the staff of Roskilde Center had with them.

Center Roskilde helps us to integrate
There are many things I am going to miss about our center, and the location is one of them. I think our location makes it possible for us to be close to the society and the Danish citizens. Danish volunteers visit our center 3 times a week and they do some activities for us, like teaching danish and explaining Danish culture to us which is I think very important for our integration.

Moving to other centres will make it hard for refugees who are pursuing a practice in this area, they will have to start over else where. I fear it will be difficult for us to replicate the same situation at the centers that remain open, because I believe that the residents will lose the contacts and network that have been built up over the past weeks and months.

The people who have been through Center Roskilde will always remember it as a place where they really could get to know Denmark and be integrated. 

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