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Dark Side of Copenhagen Zoo

All animals in Copenhagen Zoo are living in very small and stingy spaces, which is quite unnatural indeed. These animals are carrying on an awful life.

By Rohit

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Cute and trapped

“All the living species on this planet have equal living rights“ is a very universal quotation, and I ascribed to it honestly. But this belief just shattered away, when I visited the Copenhagen Zoo with my class on Tuesday, March 05, 2013. This visit would have been very depressing without the dynamic presence of our teacher Kim. Kim is a phenomenal and soothing product of a Norwegian mother and British father, who can make so many tedious things very exciting. I am mentioning her because without her, I could have never accomplished this trip.

The Living Scenario of Animals
We started our journey around quarter past twelve, travelling in two buses from Forum, and we were at the zoo in just less than thirty minutes. Everything looks quite amazing and in order at the very first sight. Kim decided to see the elephants first because a baby elephant was born a day before our visit, and it was really exciting to see the behaviour of this sassy baby elephant. Soon we were standing close to the largest four-legged mammals of the planet and watching this newborn member of the family, but I could not enjoy this scenario. The elephants are living in a very closed, very limited, and almost indoor space. It is entirely opposite to their natural habitat and is disrespectful to them. Almost all the animals are living in the same awful living conditions in this zoo.

Give Zoo
I can justify this claim by comparing the living conditions of animals in Copenhagen Zoo to those of animals in Give Zoo in Mid-Jutland. I have visited  Give Zoo several times, and all the animals there live as though in their natural habitats, enjoying their life over a vast and very natural area, and it is really an exciting experience to watch these animals buzzing with life in Give Zoo.

Enchanting Polar Bear
One of my favorite moments at Copenhagen Zoo was when we saw the young female polar bear playing and entertaining the visitors inside her little but neat aquarium, but she is alone, too, without any other polar bears. I would strongly recommend to concerning authorities to relocate the Copenhagen Zoo to a larger area, so that all the animals can carry on their lives in a more natural way.


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