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Better conditions for asylum seekers

  •  You now have the opportunity to live and work outside the centre six months after your arrival in Denmark. However, you need to meet some conditions.
  •  Only regular jobs with approved working conditions are accepted. It is not possible to start your own company.
  •  There are three different options if you wish to live outside the centre:
  •  You can find housing outside the centre which you pay for yourself.
  •  You can live near the asylum centre in individual housing units that the authorities will find
  •  And thirdly, if you receive public benefits, you can now live outside the centre – for instance with family members or friends – without losing that money.
  • You cannot live or work outside the asylum centre if you commit crimes that lead to a sentence of prison or expulsion.
  • If your application fails, you need to co-operate with your repatriation to be eligible for the new rights.
  • However, families with children can move out of centres after living in Denmark for 12 months, even if the parents refuse to co-operate with their repatriation.
  • The agreement does not change the criteria of gaining asylum.
  • The average process time of handling the asylum cases will be halved by the end of 2013.



Read more about the new agreement (in English)

Read the agreement in full details here (in Danish)

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