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Trampoline House still in risk of closing in 2017

The house needs money to stay open after December 2016 By Eden Director Morten Goll and fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen are stressed because the Trampoline House will only stay open until the end of this year. Then the private donations and private funding will be too small. The house can survive …

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Technical school in kongelund center

A new project is sponsored by the state to prepare asylum seekers for the Danish labour market while they are waiting for their cases be processed by the immigration authorities. This involves all asylum centers in Denmark, and a technical school is built in the center Kongelund for this purpose …

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Visit in a school for asylum children

Lynge school is a school for asylum seeker children age from 6-17. The number of the children in 2016 is more than 150. At the time, most of them are from Syria, while others are from Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait and Afghanistan. There are also some children from Eastern Europe and …

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Opinion piece: The way we all get along

People come from all around the world asking for asylum in Denmark. To be an asylum-seeker is entering a new world, a new experience and a new future. It is challenging for sure, but it can also be an experience of successful coexistence and personal growth

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A story of transformation: from drugs to Jesus

New Times interviewed Ismaeil Gharedaghi from Iran, aged 32, in Dianalund asylum center in Denmark. Overcoming drugs and darkness, Iranian refugee in Denmark Ismaeil became a strong believer in Christianity. He tells about his journey to a clean life in Denmark where he shares with other former drug addicts a community in belief and troubled pasts

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