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Asylum seekers not allowed in clubs

Even though they are are in Denmark legally, asylum seekers are rejected entrance at bars and clubs in Copenhagen. Our reporter struggled but never succeeded.

It was a breezy cold friday afternoon, when my friend Tom invited me to have an evening out, so we boarded bus 2A and headed to town and started looking for the best club. Alas, finally we arrived at this nicely organised club with a long queue of revellers going through security, we joined the queue and waited our turn to be checked .

The security man asked us to produce some form of identification to prove whether we are above 18 years. Tom, being Danish, pulled out his residence permit and was allowed to go in. I reached for my wallet and pulled out my white asylum seekers card and presented  it to the security man and he said: “Sir, you cannot use this here, its not allowed” “Why? I asked in utter shock and disbelief. It’s a valid identity card that allows me to stay legally in Denmark and I was told I can go anywhere in Denmark. “Why can’t I be allowed in the club”? The security man, not bothered, said “please move aside and let others come in.”

So as an asylum seeker what are my rights?  What am I allowed and not allowed to do while in Denmark? So many questions ran through my mind as i pondered my next move.

We had no choice but to leave, so we decided to leave and browse other clubs and we were told the same thing; that we cannot be allowed in the club with an asylum seekers card despite being in denmark legally.

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