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On February 1st pictures taken by young asylum seekers were put on exhibition in Roskilde Library

A Special Photo Exhibition In Roskilde Library


On February 1st pictures taken by young asylum seekers were put on exhibition in Roskilde Library

By Marion Chen

Eva Lynnerup, the deputy Chairman of Culture and Creation in Roskilde.24150990923_9cff89ff97_k
What does this exhibition mean to Roskilde?
It means very much because people in Roskilde have been really kind to take care of the refugees who have come to Roskilde. They can not tell us in words how they feel but they have possibilities now to do it in pictures. Normally as Danes, we always see it from our side, now we suddenly see it from the view of the refugees. This is really nice and gives something to think about.

Marlene Holst, the organiser of the Roskilde Library.

Why would you like to have this photo exhibition in you library?
Because this is a new perspective of Roskilde people on the refugee situation. We would like to give asylum seekers, who cannot speak the language, a channel to speak to the citizens of Roskilde about their situation. That is the main reason; to offer information with new perspective. And also let the asylum seekers know that this is a library where they can express their voice and are as welcome as Danish people are.

Sara, a 21 year old Syrian Girl, and asylum photographer.24150972813_c271e2713e_k
Why would you like to participate this kind of activity?
To get to know Denmark better

Why did you take this picture?24149702174_a0a93ff8a5_k
There is something in this picture that looks like Syria. It looks like a holy place we have in Syria.

Jacob Nordgaard, the organiser from Red Cross and the language teacher of Sara.
What do you think of today’s exhibition?
I think it is a very good exhibition. The cameras are not so good as we expected. Many of the photos we could not use. I gathered the students before I chose the photos and asked them about the meaning of the pictures. It was very interesting that they described the pictures. These describtions can be a very important part of the exhibition. The photos are better if they are supported by the thoughts of the people who made them. That opens up the perspectives.

The exhibition will last until 25th of February.

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