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“You have three days to pack”

The sudden news of a transfer to a new asylum center 400 km away can be hard to digest


By: Agha Mobeen

On Friday morning,15th of March 2013, I was ready to leave for my praktik at The New Times magazine office, when the Red Cross staff Jesper told me that I should prepare to be transferred to Ranum Asylum Centre. It upset me a bit, but I had no choice  but to  follow the order. Jesper told me that I do not need to go to  office and handed me packing material for my luggage. So, I was (again) ready to go to the places where I was destined to.

Preparation For Another Journey
I had three days to pack my luggage and say goodbye to friends and relatives at the asylum center and in Copenhagen. I went to my brothers in Copenhagen and bid them goodbye. I met with my good friends and told them it would be difficult for me to see them so often. I had packed all my belongings and on Monday I was fully prepared to say goodbye to Red Cross staff like Jesper, Katherine, Jeanette and Jens who took care of me in every possible way. I thanked them all for what they did for me.

Ready to Go
On Monday,18th of March, 2013, at 10 am a coach came for me and twelve other camp fellows. We set off at 10.45 am in a windy and cloudy day. I was anxious to reach my new destination. At last  after more than six hours journey, we reached Ranum in the northern part of Jutland more than 400 km from Copenhagen.


Smiling face
I was welcomed by a nice smiling face in front of the reception office. She gave me a key, some papers and a pleasant surprise; a shopper bag full of edibles. I thanked her and soon was led by a Dane called Ulff and a Syrian named Abdul who both helped me to load my baggage on a van. We reached Løgstør (a town 10 km from Ranum), where I was allocated room no. 25. A a Pakistani named Naveed was already residing there.

Flexible man
My journey has now ended. For now. I know I can adjust myself soon in this new place as I am a flexible man and time has taught me to live in adversities.


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