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Women’s International Day, 8th of March

The 8th of March is International Women’s Day and is celebrated globally throughout the day. It is a day when women are appreciated and recognised for their struggles and achievements over the years. This day we will be looking for potential talent, motivating upcoming ones and hailing the achievements of all women worldwide, while ending discrimination by supporting women’s equal participation.

This is an account of female solidarity and an add for the Girlfriend2Girlfriend party held on this day (See flyer and info for party above).

The theme for 2012 is connecting girls in aspiring future. We will celebrate all women, but for her good deeds and support of one woman’s independence, we will celebrate Louise Torbensen, founder of Girlfriend2girlfriend International and Copenhagen University Administrative Staff Member.

Louise is a danish woman, who travelled to Gambia in Africa, where she  met Amie Saidy and with who a strong friendship developed. Amie is a kind single African woman with 6 children. She has a gift shop, where she sells jewelry and fabrics to tourist like Louise. Being a single mother, she struggles so hard to make ends meet.

‘If you cant help the world, so help one who you can reach’, says Louise.
On her birthday, she decided to celebrate and threw a party using the occasion to raise funds, in order to buy Amie a sowing machine. She soon realised the house was too small, and since this was a more urgent need, she opted instead for building Amie a house first.

She then organised more charitable parties to raise sufficient funds to help Amie’s family. With the first party the foundation of the house was laid and the future parties lifted it to the roof. The big house shelter the big family comfortably and the children are back in school.

Talking of woman’s independence, this a perfect example. It also shows what can be achieved with women’s solidarity. Its the kind deeds of people like Louise that make the world a better place, while Women’s Independence is realised and celebrated worldwide.

More donations are needed to finalise work on the house. You can support them by donating money or objects, by attending the Women’s International Day party, and by buying the jewelry, spreading the word, commenting and liking Girlfriend2girlfriend International page onfacebook.com.

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