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Without land

New Times has met Bahar who is a famous Kurdish poet. Writing poems helps her to receive peace in her heart and flee from the tough situation and nightmare which you live in at all times as an asylum seeker

By: Danial

“I’m standing in the middle of the globe,
I’ve given my identity to the wind’s hands
I’ve given borders to water’s hands
to take them away
I am still standing and the sky is still in the horizon.
My home is a pair of size 39 shoes.
I wear them,
and I will soak the sun anywhere
to warm up myself!”

“The loser ticket,
the new ticket,
the ticket of weird lands…
the ticket of train,
the ticket of ship,
I threw them down,
I was an exhausted among them.
the pictures of well-
knows and unknowns…
black and white,
foreign languages…
I threw them down,
I was a tiny Ant among them…
The life is nothing except the bubble on water…
Its me that saying:
I am the greatest Sole…”

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