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In Eritrea people get hunted by their own government like animals

Why Eritrean Youth Flee their Country

Eritrean youth are on the run from their country to any foreign country better than their country. In Eritrea people get hunted by their own government like animals. Just because you wouldn’t slave for them in the military your whole life


Eritrean demonstration at Rådhuspladsen last year photo: New Times

By Ruth

Once you reach your class level in high school grade 11 they tell you to continue their last year of high school education in the military place. It means in the morning from 5am you learn military things then you go to class to learn. After that you will serve the government as a soldier your whole life with small pocket money, not enough food to eat not knowing when you see your family, not knowing when as an adult you make a family of your own. Any misunderstanding that happen in your workplace they put you to get punished for it as a criminal. Your family live on a coupon that is given by the government; 1 kilo sugar per person for the whole month, 3 kilo of powder to make traditional pancake and 5 kilo of oil for 10 people for a month. Even how much you eat the government controls and any family member runs from military the whole family gets punished for it by taking the coupon away from them, it doesn’t matter if the family member is an adult. The whole family pays the price.

Our parents are as old as 65-70 years old, they are told to have guns at home. They tell them that if you can’t protect the country at least you can protect your area but I think it’s not true. My general understanding about the government giving people guns are a way of controlling citizens in a tight way and this is one of the ways to decrease the number of citizens in the country,as the citizens having guns at home will only result in killing and blood shading between each other in the family around their area. the security situation have not changed for along time but yet the people are given guns to use at home, that leaves me wondering what the agenda of the government is?

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