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A ‘loppemarked’ is Danish for a second hand market. The Danes are saving people and by selling and buying each others old stuff, you can save money.

What is a ‘loppemarked’?

Loppemarked at Frederiksberg. Foto: Johan Wessman © News Øresund
Loppemarked at Frederiksberg. Photo: Johan Wessman © News Øresund

By Kazhal

Summer is coming and that is the high season for ‘loppemarked’. In most cities in Europe traditional second hand markets has been created. Some of these markets has chosen a special day for their market. In Denmark many markets are on Saturday and Sundays.

Cheap bikes, children’s toy and dishes

When I was on a market I found a good bike, which was almost new, but much cheaper than the expensive ones in the bike shop. Loppemarked is also a place to buy children’s toys, because as they grow fast, they want new toys, but that can be expensive too. I was also able to find some very beautiful and expensive dishes at a very low prices on the market.

Experience Danish culture on a loppemarked

People go to loppemarked because they can find something they can’t find in the normal shops and because they can save money, but it is also a good place to experience the Danish culture and meet Danish people.

The prices are not fixed, so it is possible to bargain a good price, even though it can difficult to do when you don’t know the Danish language, but you should try it!

Do you want to be a seller?

Loppemarked is held under the laws of the municipality. Any person who wishes to sell their second-hand objects must ask for permission to set up a loppemarked or to participate in an existing market.

You can find a loppemarked near you at http://markedskalenderen.dk/

or on this Facebook-page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loppemarkeder-i-Danmark/511986942266078?fref=ts

(Both sites are in Danish)

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