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“We all wanted to go to Sweden, but the smugglers left us in Denmark”

Mustafa travelled from Aleppo, Syria to Denmark. Here he describes the journey.

By Eden

Mustafa has been in Denmark for more than one year. His wife and children are still in Turkey. He is asking for family reunification, but still the danish migration did not bring his family. He and his families ran from Saria, Aleppo to Turkey. From Turkey to Italy he crossed by big ferry with 230 adults and 40 children. The journey took seven days to reach Italy.

What happened in Italy?
“We met smugglers in Milano, and we stayed in the in the house of the smugglers for a  couple of  days. We payed for our food and rent. After a few days, we were eight people, we agreed  to go to Sweden by a secret way in a closed van with no windows. The smugglers told us  that we weren’’t allowed to talk to them on the way.”

How did you cross the borders?
“Some of the smugglers drove the other car in front of our car and checked the border to see if there was any control. They would then tell our driver if the road was clear. If there was control, our driver changed our way or our direction. We all wanted to go to Sweden, but they left us at the border of  Denmark. The Danish police caught us, and they took us all to center Sandholm.”

How long its take the journey from Milan to Denmark?
“The journey took 16 hours. We changed car two times. When we were in the car, we were not allowed to open the window or ask for the toilet. We had to do it in the car, using some plastic bowl or bottles. Until we reached Denmark, we weren’t caught by any border control. Now I have been in Denmark for more than one year. My case was accepted in Denmark but my family is still in Turkey.”

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