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When volunteering at Kongelunden, Laura is doing different things with the asylum seekers. Here they are bowling, wonder who won?

Volunteer at an asylum centre: I feel like I have a double role

By Makmoud

Laura works with classical music. She is making concerts and organizing classical music. But she also volunteers at the asylum center Kongelunden. However, she feels like she is having a double role and being confronted with people not having a worthy life. I interviewed her about being a volunteer at the Wednesday café.

How do you feel when you come in Kongelunden and what is the response from the asylum seekers?
I feel very very sad. I feel that I have a double role. I am against the fact that some people live in these camps, and that they cannot live in an apartment in the city, they cannot work, they cannot earn money and provide a life for themselves or even start their own life. They are in a standby position, just waiting, feeling anxiety and fear and have no future. They see some of their friends being deported or going underground. I am against these things that is going on. I feel double when going to the camps because the camps in the Red Cross are a horrible way to keep the system.

Why are you volunteering?
It’s to spend some time with some friends. We started in Kongelunden to make a radio project together with the people living there called Asylum Radio because we wanted to give a voice to the asylum seekers. Then we became very good friends, and we kept coming back.

How long have you been volunteering?
1,5 year.

What do you feel that you get out of it?
I feel that I get some perspective. It shows that some people do not have the same opportunities in life than others. We meet every wednesday with asylum seekers.


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