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The party was held in Dianalund library on the 10th of July 2016. Photo: Hala

“Venligboerne” build bridges in Dianalund

The civil group “Venligboerne” arranges many activities for the asylum seekers and refugees in Dianalund. The reactions from the participants are overwhelmingly positive.

By: Hala 

Dianalund is a beautiful and quiet city in Zealand, which has an asylum center who received refugees. The people of Dianalund are very kind to assist the newcomers, doing what they can to make asylum seekers and refugees happy and feel that they are in their home to forget the suffering and terror in their countries.

Approximately once a month, the citizens of Dianalund make a party and meet the refugees of their town. Every one of them brings along their families and children. They bring foods to eat, speak and dance together with the new refugees and other Danish people.

Meeting new friends
Iman from Syria is one of refugees who persevere to participate in those parties. “This party helps me to learn Danish language quickly,” she says. “I can identify the habits of the Danes and the rest of the refugees from different countries, and I can get new friends, who keep the alienation and depression, which experienced by most refugees, away from us” .

The beginning
New Times met one of the volunteers Charlotte, who organized the party. She told us when and how she started these parties. “It started a year ago at a party in a small village close to where I live. Someone had brought a young refugee from Eritrea to the party, so I began thinking about the other refugees that we know nothing about. Then I started to contact people whom I know would be friendly towards refugees and people in general. Then I found ‘Venligboerne’, the Danish NGO organization, and together with a woman, Maria, we organized the first party”, she recounts.

The volunteers eating at the party.
The volunteers eating at the party. Photo: Hala


A friendly word can change your day
And about her reasons to help refugees, Charlotte said: “I do it, because I believe that a friendly word, a shake of the hand, a hug and a smile can change your day. If you feel that someone cares about you, likes you and respects you, you grow as a person, and you want to give some kindness back.”

She continues: “This will help refugees in Denmark to be a part of society. When you know a refugee, you know a person of flesh and blood, and not some weird wrong picture of bad Islamic terrorist. I hope my small contribution will help build bridges between people”.

All refugees at that party feel thanks, gratitude and respect for the Danish people, who welcomed them and spent time with them devoted to their families, to bring joy to the hearts of refugees.

If you live in Dianalund or nearby and are interested in this activity you can join the Facebook group “Venligboerne Ruds Vedby, Dianalund og omegn” or you can meet them in Dianalund library the 21st of August.
The asylum seekers and the volunteers cooking together by the grill. Photo: Hala

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