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Trampoline House still in risk of closing in 2017

The house needs money to stay open after December 2016

By Eden

Director Morten Goll and fundraiser Nanna Jochumsen are stressed because the Trampoline House will only stay open until the end of this year. Then the private donations and private funding will be too small. The house can survive until December 2016 “We don’t want our account to be empty by 2017”, they say, “because we have to pay rent”.

Why did the government stop giving money for the Trampoline house?
We don’t really know, but we believe it’s because they don’t have an interest in helping asylum seekers and refugees they way we do.

What kind of support does the Trampoline House need?
We will survive if people donate every month. Private funding from companies helps as well.

How much money can people donate?
Just about anything, from 10 kroner up to 250 kroner every month.

How can they donate?
They can donate via MobilePay at 25782424 or on our webpage www.Trampolinehouse.dk/donate

The team behind New Times would like to say thanks to everyone, who supports the house. The Trampoline House is a unique house where everyone is welcome.

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