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The center comprises of 4 houses and is fenced so that single women or single mothers feel safe in this place. The center homes 47 adults and 11 children. It is in a nice secluded area not far from the sea and close to a birds area bordering a huge woods. It is only 40 minutes by bus from the center of Copenhagen. Photo: Makmoud

The women’s center in Kongelunden

The women’s center in Kongelunden is the only center just for women in Denmark

By Makmoud 

Lillian is the only contact person in the center, and she is here full time. She is helped by two other women who are part time staff. The center shares with the Kongelund center the service department, medical and other departments. New Times asked Lillian a few questions concerning the center and its occupants, and she answered gratefully.

Why is it called women center?
We only take women who are either single or with children.

 Can you describe their health situation?
Actually all the women are very well functioning and able to organise their daily life themselves, taking care of themselves and taking care of their children. All our women are competent and strong, going to school to learn Danish or practice, and they have a large network of connections like going to church. The main thing to be accommodated here is to be able to take care of yourself. We don’t take women who are sick and cannot take care of themselves, take medicine or cannot look after their children.

What type of activities for asylum seekers are there in the center?
In the summer we take them to Tivoli, or Copenhagen. We also do some activities in the center like having barbeque. On mondays, some volunteers come to the center to play football. On Tuesdays, we have Tuesdays café with Danish volunteers where we make jewelry or sew or paint or teach Danish.
On every Wednesday, we have a meeting at 17.00 in this small office with the women to talk about new courses. On Thursday, there is inspection of the rooms. Also the women can take part in the activities in the main center of Kongelunden like the library, the fitness rooms, sunday cafe and other activities.

In the women’s center there is a waiting list for women to move into the women’s center, and every time a woman moves out of the center either because she got asylum, deported or for some other reason, a new woman can move in.

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