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The laughing face in Center Auderød

Doda from Croatia has been working for Red Cross in Center Auderød since 2010. Doda is a really lovely person, whose laugh you can hear from a far distance in the center. She helps people and supports them in many ways. She listens to them if they have problems, and she also tries to find solutions to their problems. All the time there is a smile on her face, but at the same time she is serious and strict to everyone who don’t follow the rules in the center.

By Mustafa

What is your job in the center?
I’m doing the evening network. That’s just the title, but I do a lot of things during my work. All of us workers here make a lot of different kinds of jobs. I’m here for the asylum seekers and try to give them what they need.

What is your opinion about asylum centers?
It’s really nice when asylum seekers find a good, warm place and nice room to stay in. They need to feel safe, and they need to find peace.

What is the most challenging in your work?
It’s the separation between your personality and your work. Because I can’t always offer them what they need, so we need to take away our emotions away during our work. 

What is your opinion about the asylum system here in Denmark?
It’s really difficult to give my opinion about this. It’s not me who make the decision about the rules – it is like ‘take it or leave it’. But the system could be easier and faster because there is a lot of people who are waiting for a very long time.

Does the long waiting have psychological effect on the asylum seekers?
It depends on the person. Some of them take it easy, but a lot of them are going to feel depressed and sad and will be feeling so down all the time. Specially people that don’t speak English or Danish.

Is there a special person that affected you because of his story, life or problems?
There are no special cases or persons, but still there is a person that came and talked to me about his problems, so he affected me as person. But there is not only one special person – all of the asylum seekers are the same to me.

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