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The journalist Sahra Ali Mohamud was forced to flee because of Al-Shabaab

The journalist from Somalia

My name is Sahra Ali Mohamud, I am Somali women and journalist by profession but was forced to flee my country because of Al-Shabaab


This was my routine every day except on Sunday which I was off work


I started working in the media in 2007 and engaged with various media (Television and Radio) as news anchor and field reporter in Africa, including Bar-kulanradio, Markabley and SomalisatTv. During the course of my work I received many death-threats, intimidations and arrests from the terrorist group of Al-shabaab in connection with my activities. They were angry that I covered the military operations against Al-shabaab in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas, that I covered women and social affairs and development progress and they were also against me being a strong advocate against extremist ideology.

Finally, I fled my home in January 2014 after I realized I could no longer bear the threat to my life.

Waiting in Samsø
I fled to Denmark and am now in an asylum center on the island Samsø. I like this island since it’s my new home. Besides, it’s very beautiful and green place. Since my arrival here, I have met, interacted and socialized with many people of different nationalities who, like me, are also asylum seekers. Moreover, I also met and socialized with Danish families who invited us to their homes. I really like their hospitality and friendliness.

The government provides food and education to the people living here. People also receive some monetary allowance twice a month.

However, Samsø is not the best place and therefore has some challenges; the first one is that it is not a place for young people to live, especially for those who have finished school and need jobs. It is also far from the city.

The difference
There is a big  difference between Somalia and Denmark; Security is sufficient and reliable here in Denmark unlike Somali where it is a luxury. Media is independent in Denmark unlike in Somalia where there is censoring of media and where journalists are daily killed. Culture is also different as well as religion. There are also differences between Somalia and Denmark in almost all aspects including weather and the transport system. Denmark is far more developed than Somalia.

Peace and community  
Denmark has a reliable  peace and people living each district in Denmark have a good life and enjoy peace. Citizens in Denmark also participate in the consolidation of security for example if they see something suspicious they immediately inform the police. Meanwhile  85% of  Danish people are great and they like to help other people. In addition, they are law-abiding citizens who shun ethical misconducts such as corruptions. On the flipside, Somalia is a prosperous country but has for some time now lacked peace, law and order.

Media Freedom
With no stable government since 1991, Somalia is one of the world’s deadliest countries for journalists, with 18 murdered or killed in bombings in 2012 alone. Somali journalists are faced with daily death threats and arrests and there is no one to provide them with security. The media is free in Denmark. Anyone is entitled to in print, write speech, publish and express his or hers thoughts.

What is my dream in Denmark?
When I was in my country I used to wake up 3:00 AM for work, I took a shower and 30 minutes later I reported to work.  I was prepared for broadcasting the news and programs of Radio. I used to return home by 5.00 PM in the evening.

Now in Denmark I am not like I used to be because I cannot practice my profession here because of my status which requires work permit. As asylum seeker, I am undergoing immigration process which I am hopeful for. I hope I will be protected and then granted a permit to work in the country. That will be a dream to come true for me. Looking forward to that beautiful day!!

My first task afterwards will be to quickly learn the Danish language for proper communication and quick understanding of the people and their culture. Secondly I will continue my job, increase my knowledge as a professional journalist. My dream is to join the Danish media and to contribute to the development and civilization in this great country and socialize with different citizens.

I would like to sincerely thank the government and people of Denmark for hosting me here. I will never forget their hospitality and kind gesture.




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