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The Danish Refugee Council at the Folkemøde

The Danish Refugee Council is working with international communication. We met Maya, who is working at the Refugee Council to a debate about integration, politics and asylum seekers

By Eden

Her name is Maya. She is from the Danish Refugee Council, and she is working with communication international fare.

The reason why we are here at the political festival on Bornholm is that we have 10 different events – Mostly debates where we talk with journalist and politician.

New Times is attending a debate arranged by the Danish Refugee Council on Bornholm to learn more about their work and to be a part of the necessary debate. The debate is about border control, and how to find a solution when it comes to newcomers reaching Europe.

Integration in Denmark

The Danish Refugee Council also invited some Syrian refugees to tell their stories about their experiences with integration in the Danish society, their work and how they learn new things in Denmark. The refugees shared their stories with the audience at the Folkemøde.

One of the Syrian refugees explained how he already studies language and works as photographer. Also, the refugees explained why they decided to come to Denmark. Some Danes from the audience thought that 50 percent of the Danish population consists of refugees. But that is not the reality.

Help to asylum seekers and refugees

Maya from the Danish Refugee Council explained that they help people in need. The council helps asylum seekers to complain to the higher powers, if their case is being rejected. But they can’t influence the Danish law system with their work: 

We only give advice for the refugees and asylum seekers. We can’t change the law of immigration. If the asylum seekers are send back to their home countries, the Refugee Council can do nothing.”

A debate about border control, politics and safety

The Council were especially debating about the borders surrounding the European countries – How does the new agreement with Turkey about border control works? How will the life of future asylum seekers be affected by new border-agreements between European countries?

Some debates also included and affected the asylum seekers. Even though the Danish Refugee Council doesn’t always agree with the Danish government and their laws about asylum, some people attending the debate supported the ideas of the government and their strict refugee politics.

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