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The Danish Immigration Service: Somalis can now be sent back

After a year where almost all asylum seekers from Somalia gained asylum because of the security situation in the country, the Danish Immigration Service announces a new practice.

The Danish authorities have just refused asylum to three young men from the capital Mogadishu.
The new policy is based on a report from a Danish-Norwegian delegation, which visited the city in October.
The Immigration Service estimates that Mogadishu in 2012 has become so safe to stay in that the failed asylum seekers are not at risk of persecution if they return.
In a press release Friday Head of the Immigration Service, Jakob Dam Glynstrup says:
‘Safety has improved’
“The joint Danish-Norwegian fact-finding mission to Somalia gave us new information showing that safety has improved considerably. A new government is in place, and an increasing number of Somalis from abroad are currently going back ‘.
The Immigration Service also refers to the fact that Norway has already changed practice in relation to asylum seekers from Somalia.
It is now up to the Refugee Board to make a final decision on whether the existing Danish policy of granting asylum to Somalians is to be changed, according to a press release from the Danish Immigration Service.
African Union peacekeepers on the outskirts of Mogadishu May 22, 2012. Photo: REUTERS/Feisal Omar
Rising violence
The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, estimates that the uncertainty in the country, especially in Mogadishu, is still very high.
The Danish Refugee Council agrees, says Secretary-General, Andreas Kamm, to the Danish newspaper Politiken.dk.
“In our view, it is still unsafe to send people back to Mogadishu. There is no authority that can give people security. The city is characterized by militias, which largely can do as they please. The general level of violence in the city in the form of assaults and rapes have actually been increasing, “said Andreas Kamm.

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