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The art of painting feelings

Right now you can experience the colorful, surreal paintings of Kazhal Ghoreishi in Kvarterhuset in Amager untill 27th of February. The exhitibition opens an universe of vivid colours, moods and feelings that takes you on a emotional travel from Iran to Denmark.

By Katja Gasiorowski

Paintings about philosophy, life and every feeling and mood in between. That is what you can experience right now in the current exhibition in Kvarterhuset in Amager untill the 27th of February. 34 year old Kazhal Ghoreishi from Teheran is the artist, and her surreal art is a mix of persian and iran style painted with acrylic paint. The paintings express every mood and feeling from the whole color palette that Kazhal Ghoreishi has been experiencing in Denmark since she moved to Copenhagen in 2013.

Instead of using words Kazhal Ghoreishi paints her stories. For her the art is connecting cultures and languages, when the words are missing. Art is like a language on its own for her and helps her explain her emotions:

”I think the art is about missing my past, my land, my culture. Everytime I change feelings and I am different. Every painting tells a different feeling, a different experience and a different story”, she says and emphasizes that her main inspiration is her feelings.

Expressions of a spring child
Handling feelings can sometimes be difficult for Kazhal Ghoreishi. She copes with them in a special way: she paints them. Many of her paintings illustrates the emotional process of starting over: an emotional travel fra Iran to Denmark. In 2016 she received her residence permit after being in Denmark for three years, and a special painting that illustrates her deep frustration of the long wait for settlement is called ”Pandora” – it is shown above and is a part of the current exhibition.

With paintings looking different from each other Kazhal Ghoreishi explains that there still is one important thing in common in her style of painting – her changing feelings:

”Like the weather I change expressions, because I am a spring child born i April” and continues: ”Spring people are very different like the weather of spring. Everytime I change – sometimes I am too sad, sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am thinking about life and philosophy. I am different all the time – and my story of course,” she says.

Telling stories since the age of four
Since the age of four years Kazhal Ghoreishi has been painting. Back then it was on the walls in her family’s home. Every month her father invited guests to their house and they made exhibitions with her paintings and everyone would go and look for new illustrations on the walls.

”Especially my dad had a big influence on my paintings. He gave me so much attention and support for my interest”, Kazhal Ghoreishi says.

When Kazhal Ghoreishi turned 14 she went for private painting classes and later she went to the Art Academy Azad Islamic in Teheran for architecture. Even though she is a trained architect she was working with tv-journalism and as a speaker in Iran before coming to Denmark. For the future Kazhal Ghoreishi wants to go back to journalism:

”I want to continue working with TV-production, and art is my second priority. My plan is to go to the University in Denmark”, Kazhal Ghoreishi says and emphasizes that art is like a refuge for her, an important hobby, but not a job.

Kazhal Ghoreishi attends Danish language school and hopes to tell more stories in the future – not only with her painting but also with journalism.

Watch the exhibition untill the 27th of February at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, 2300 Amager

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