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Team Cleaning In Roskilde Asylum Centre

By Marion Chen


A 25 years old Iraqi asylum seeker Hussam in Roskilde centre proposed an idea of team cleaning while he found out that some of the asylum seekers in the centre did not want to carry out their public cleaning duty.

This idea was supported and started by red cross staff Tina in one building and it was encouraged and expanded by red cross staff Freddy to the other buildings in the centre.

On Thursday, 5th May, the team cleaning started in building 29, while 5 to 9 of the residence in the building participated. Music was played all the way during the cleaning time. One of the Somali women, Fiaza, who was pregnant, not wanting to do the public cleaning, felt happy to join this team cleaning where she found fun being together with the neighbours and listening the music. Cake and coffee was served after the team cleaning. Smile and enthusiasm stayed long on the faces of all the participants who did not want to leave from this gathering.

The reason why Red Cross staff promote this team cleaning is to “not only try and highten the level of cleaning, but get people to learn to make friends.” said  Freddy. “Some of the people isolate themselves in this camp, they don’t come out much. We don’t want to have that border where they don’t talk with others. And this is the chance for them to meet each other.”

This idea, to Tina and Freddy’s view, has changed the mind of other people in the camp. “There is a tradition to help each other in Denmark” said Freddy,  and Red Cross staff in Roskilde try to make a better camp where people like each other and help each other more.

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