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Our new magazine – produced by asylum seekers in Denmark – is out

Dear Reader

In this magazine we put spotlight on a vulnerable group among the asylum seekers; the children alone. An increasing share of the asylum seekers are lonely children. These lonely children take dangerous routes relying on their instincts, stamina and luck to manage to arrive to a safe haven like ours in Denmark.

Here in Denmark the share of minors in the statistics has went from 5,7% in 2013 to 19% last year. Who are they? What challenges do they face? And who helps them? Find the answers to these questions inside the magazine.

Also in this edition you can read about the struggle of a refugee trying to find Danish friends. It is not so easy, and as a refugee you are quickly put in a box as one of “them”. But who are “they”?

dfsdWell, you will only find out small bits and pieces by reading the newspapers or watch the television. You will find out much more by meeting them. And there are many ways that this can be arranged. The most easy way might be to book a presentation by an asylum seeker (see more inside the magazine), you can also sign up as a volunteer in a local asylum center or volunteer house or try to chat with the ones living in your neighborhood – even though it is not very Danish to start chatting with people you do not know 🙂

For all our asylum seeker readers I will recommend the guide written by one of our staff members who has been in the asylum system for more than eight years. Despite the many years in the system she is still standing tall and does great things for herself and others. Read her tips about how to tackle the long waiting time in the best possible way.

Thank you for reading.


Robin Ali Ahrenkiel El-Tanany – Editor

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