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Many refugees dream of continuing their studies at a Danish University. But the road to enter can be full of obstacles. (Photo: Nasim webpage)

Students help refugees with university applications

A group of students from Roskilde University has started helping refugees with an academic background enter Danish universities fast and smooth

By: Hamid Mukhtari   

A lot of refugees who are leaving their country because of war, religious, political and personal belief in Denmark are highly educated, but ends up driving a taxi or work in a storage. One of the reasons is a complex Danish education system. A group of students from Roskilde University realized the problem and started an organization called Students Support Refugees.

Creating a better future
Ida Lund-Larsen is a member SSR, and studies Cultural Encounters and International Studies at Roskilde University. She thinks that SSR is an important group when it comes to creating a better future for educated refugees in Denmark:

“Through education people get a chance to integrate and share their knowledge. But it is quite a complicated process for the refugees since they have no knowledge about how the educational system works here in Denmark.

Being sure
Mazen Alfeel, a refugee from Syria, is one of the students that received guidance from the SSR group. Mazen Alfeel now studies a Master degree at RUC in the field of International Humanities. “They make you pay attention to any mistake in your application to the university, and they advise you if you are confused about any point, so you will be sure about everything in it”, he says.

Apply to universities
Ida Lund-Larsen says: We work as a mentor organization, and we communicate with people who want to apply to University by email, telephone and our Facebook page. Sometimes we help find an education that the person would find interesting, other times we help write motivational letters and CVs, and we will also help people who are confused about language school and high school courses, Ida Lund-Larsen added.

Being Helpful
“They helped me in the application in all its phases, Mazen Alfeel tells New Times. “The Student Support Refugees group is so helpful and it is very nice to meet these people who offer a beautiful picture of their communities, and how you should be not only as a student, but as a human too”, Mazen Alfeel.

“When you get help from people who have the experience, you can be sure that your application is correct and you haven’t got any mistakes that can make you regret later.”


Fact Box
RSS helps refugees write motivational letters and CVs in the application proces for the universities in Denmark. They also inform about The Danish Education system. The group consists of six persons. Two of them are Danish, the others are from Spain, Namibia, Germany and Iraq. Contact the Students Support Refugees Group here: Email: studentsrefugeesdk@gmail.com Telephone: 28465391 Facebook Page:facebook.com/RUCSupportsRefugees/


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