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Students help refugees getting into higher education

Everybody should have access to education. This is the underlying idea and motivation of the young students that have initiated the newly started project “Student Refugees”. The purpose is to assist refugees in gaining access to and navigating within the Danish education system.

By: Jessica Marchet

Due to constant changing of the migration and refugee laws, it is difficult to people with refugee status to fulfill the requirements of the Danish education institutions. This means that there are not as many refugees in Danish education as there could potentially be.

The process of applying for an education in the Danish education system can be complicated and confusing, especially because of language barriers and difficulties with proving your education background. This is where Student Refugees comes into the picture.

The people behind
Student Refugees is a student – driven volunteer organisation that helps people with refugee status to apply for Danish universities. The people and volunteers behind Student Refugees is a group of students from Danish higher educations.

The volunteers are all studying at different Danish higher educations, such as Copenhagen University, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School. This means that the volunteers are people that have personal experience with a wide range of education institutions and know them from within.

How it works
Starting from the 13th of September it will be possible to have physical meetings with the volunteers every second Wednesday between 17h and 19h at the Student House in Copenhagen.

It will also be possible to apply for personal guidance on your higher education application by sending an email to info@studentrefugees.dk. Arrangements will be made so you can have personal meetings with one of the volunteers. If you live far from Copenhagen, it will also be a possibility to get assisted by phone, email or skype.

Furthermore, it is possible to learn more about the project Student Refugees, the Danish education system and your options through the platform www.studentrefugees.dk

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