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Kamiran and Zakaria when they are going to clinic. Photo: Hala

Snapshots of asylum seekers: Zakaria & Kamiran

Two asylum seekers who have no other relationship between them are brought together by their humanitarian instinct. They don’t even speak the same language, but they are helping each other out in the asylum center.

By: Hala

The 17-year-old asylum seeker Zakaria El-Hamdan from Syria got an injury when he was playing football. He gets help to get to the doctor from the fellow asylum seeker Kamiran Karami. 

“I got an injury in my leg, when I was playing football. The doctors made four operations and now they have put platinum in. I also get physical therapy sessions now, so I need to go to clinic. To get to the doctor and the clinic I get help from Kamiran, who takes me in a wheelchair and waits until I finish. Then he brings me back,” Zakaria El-Hamdan says.

“I feel grateful. He and other asylum seekers in my center are very kind, they are helpful and makes me feel like I’m still in my family, so I don’t feel alienated now. They are just like my brothers,” Zakaria El-Hamdan says.

Kamiran Karami who helps him is from Iran. He is 26 years old.

“I want to help every person who needs it, not just him. I have a disabled brother, so I know what it means, when a person can’t help himself.”

“I consider him like my brother, so when I help him, I feel like I help my brother” Kamiran Karami says.

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