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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Having a baby

By: Paiwand 

“Everything about my husband was annoying me. He told me you are pregnant, but I didn’t want to believe in that. So I decided to take a test. And when I find out I am pregnant, I just screamed and calling my husband. I was so surprised. Because my husband and I  have talked about it before,  and we decided we don’t want children before we get residency. So we had to talk again. My husband told me he is going to be a good help for me during my pregnancy, and I had good feeling about  going to be a mom. So we decided to keep the child. Now it has been three months, and in this period my husband was a good help. My husband does all the work with cooking and cleaning. It is so hard because almost everything is annoying me. We are still living in a asylum center and we share the kitchen with other families. Our room is next to the kitchen, so I can smell all foods and smells and some of them make me angry”.

– Mozhdeh from Kurdistan

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