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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Amer’s hairdressing salon

By: Hala

“When I was a kid, I loved to play with my dad’s shaving tools. Until I became 15 years old, I decided to be a barber like my dad, so I made my first attempt cutting my brother’s hair. I wanted to make a nice haircut for him, but I kept on cutting until my brother was completely without hair. Fortunately he was my younger brother, so I was not punished. Afterwards I became a professional barber.”

“I came to Denmark one year ago. During the waiting time for the Immigration service’s decision, I joined a new project, that the Red Cross calls “Frisør skole”. The school has courses in hairdressing and it lasts for three months. After just one month of being in this school and with the help of the teachers collaborators, I can now make woman’s hair styles as well as hair coloring – something I didn’t know how to do before. I hope after I get a permission to stay in Denmark – and that I can bring my wife and my three children here. Then I want to open a big salon, which will consist of two parts, one for women managed by my wife, and the other one for men managed by me”.

– Amer Omer, 40 years old, from Iraq


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