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Snapshots of asylum seekers: Ali

By: Paiwand

»When we first came to Denmark, we felt so foreign and alone. I couldn’t speak English or Danish, but that was until we met some nice, Danish people. They became our good friends and helped us improve our language. Also, we didn’t feel lonely anymore, and this made us able to handle all the new changes in our lives – Especially because there is a huge difference between my home country and the Danish society. They helped us learn about the Danish culture and helped us understand the Danish people better.«

»Even though we met our new friends, there are still some people, who look at us like we are terrorists or dangerous people. Normally, when people decide to leave their country, they are looking for a better life in peace and with safety. I think the best way to help the asylum seekers is by giving them love and kindness, and to look at us as normal human beings. Sometimes just a smile or a “hello” makes everything better and easier. This makes refugees feel like they’re not alone and like they actually have a sort of family here.«

»So, please next time you meet an asylum seeker just smile and be friendly. That’s all it takes.«

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